reXue®is a registered trade mark for commercial purposes, owned by Rexue Ltd., regrouping and representing a group of manufacturer, which includes dynamic professionals in its staff which have achieved and completed numerous projects for the fire fighting industry.

In fact, among our staff, there are several persons which are in the sector since 1978. Different experiences and different roles had driven them to a perfect mix to guarantee the best available solution at best prices.

Offer the best in the market for fire fighting vehicles and professional equipment is, in fact, one of the cornerstones of our Mission: implement, and make operational, observations and suggestions arising from experience in the field of the user to respond with greater efficiency through continuous interaction, to the different demands.

reXue®pursues an objective that is to maximize the knowledge and individual skills and in the enterprises with the constant search for suitable solutions to technical and design issues.

The framework seeks to facilitate and encourage the sharing of experiences among all stakeholders so that they become an asset for the evolving company as a whole and, more importantly, for customers.

The companies part of our Group manufactures most of the offered equipments and accessories.

The equipments which are not produced by us are very carefully chosen among the best available in the market to not risk our credibility.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any clarification you may need or for any product related to Fire Fighting or Rescue which you do not find on our site.

In our contact section please find information on all the ways to contact us (electronically, telephonically or written).